"Palmtree Instruments may have come up with the most innovative product of the show"


NAMM Report, Keyboard Magazine, September 1986

" Although the idea of playing music without touching or hitting anything has been around for a while...the implementation of the idea in this device is elegant, thorough, and applicable...The Airdrums are a virtuoso instrument, and someday there will be a virtuoso Airdrummer."


Dave Frederick

Keyboard Magazine, January 1987

"In terms of their potential for new modes of musical expression, the Airdrums are one of the most exciting commercially available products to come down the line in many years. Thanks to their extensive MIDI implentation, they are so versatile that I can't think of any musician, especially anyone who plays live, who couldn't benefit from them in some way."

Paul D. Lehrman

Electronic Musician, June 1988

"The Airdrums have one of the most powerful MIDI implementations of any MIDI controller we have seen ... the Airdrums is one of the friendliest and easiest to use pieces of equiment we've encountered, despite the depth of its features - a very special tip of the hat, there. "

Matt Isaacson and Chris Meyer


Music Technology Magazine , September 1987